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Cómo Barnes&Noble Trató De Comprar Amazon – Texto

You know in 1996

barnes and noble offered to buy


i’m just picturing these barnes and

noble executives and their ties

trying to get jeff bezos to go to lunch

with him and he’s in his t-shirt and his

jeans and

and they’re saying you know jeff honey

we’re going to do you a favor

you’ve been in in quarter after quarter

of losing money

somehow people had vision about the


and jeff we’re going to launch


and here it is 1996. everybody knows us

nobody’s heard of you

so we’re going to do you a big favor we

are going to buy you

and then we’re going to be able to use

some of your your software and some of

your technology

to help us launch barnesandnoble.com and

we’re going to not eat you alive so

isn’t that nice

and jeff said you know i don’t think so

i think that what’s gonna happen is that

i’m gonna sit tight

i have a slightly different vision for

things let’s see how that worked out for


today uh a little bit let’s see

hmm a little bit uh later

what we have is that barnes and noble as

of this year

has had a market cap that has jumped

around from 344 million to 401 million

whereas amazon.com has had a market cap

of between 906 million and of course

it’s tickled the top of a trillion

dollars to

a trillion a trillion now what’s the

difference between these two companies

i’ll tell you what’s the difference

barnes and noble is a very well-run


that is all about products it offers

products it’s looking for customers to

come buy them

amazon has customers

they started with some products books

and dvds

but right now they’ve established


and they’re trying to find more and more

products for those customers that they



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