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Four years ago there’s an experiment

conducted with chickens chickens were

put into a cage and stopped into the

cage for half a year

one day the gates were open to the

beautiful green grass the birds were

singing the bluebird sky and it was

amazing the chicken went out off the

cage and what do you think happened then

the word straight back in again I call

it the chicken cage syndrome and right

now I see 600 beautiful chicken cages in

this room sorry but the reality is we

you and I afraid of chains are in fact

that’s not right we’re afraid of the

unknown and that’s called Chains white

so the chicken cage syndrome is

fascinating I want to share a philosophy

with you regarding the chicken Cades so

if you imagine you see four chicken

cages from above he’s one chicken kids

here’s another and here’s another and


now this is a question for you guys he’s

the gates they’re now being opened right

you see everything from top where would

you place the corn to get the chickens

out in the center you saying that you

said that wrong so why is that wrong

I’ll tell you why do you remember when I

asked you a Christian just about 30

minutes ago I said to you how many of

you are deeply irrational I looked at

you when I asked that question and you

did this one here we want to comply with

other people just like Amy didn’t want

to do it so what happens is if this corn

is that far that she can will look out

you look at all the other chickens and

conclude go back in again but if I

another hand plays a little piece of

corn here

the chickie will go out take the corn

mmm enjoy it and go back in again and

then it will take another corn and

suddenly you can get the chicken out why

do I explain that because the reality is

that when we talk about long-term

visions it’s nearly impossible because

we have no patience whatsoever in an

organization in them all

you can’t even concentrate listening to

me right now because you want to check

that message which is so sexy on your

phone right that visit our attention

span is now lower than a goldfish and a

goldfish is seven seconds so my point is

right now we need to create what I

define as 90-day interventions small

quick wins and that is what we solve a

Swiss a little intervention would

suddenly created a ripple effect

throughout the organization we

celebrated it to everyone say hey look

at this is possible to make a change and

people certainly got hope and the dare

to take one corn at a time