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Why do I think surfing and

entrepreneurship have a lot in common

well first of all often the best waves

happen during difficult times that’s

true for surfing and the way sometimes

storm just bring more waves the Great

Recession is exactly when Airbnb got

started 2008 I mean it got started at a

time where there are a lot of people who

are looking for how to make money

because they’re out of work and say had

an extra bedroom or an extra you know a

cottage in the backyard and so it was

part of the reason that the it took off

relatively quickly and then there are a

lot of people traveling who wanted to

save money during a recession secondly

it’s very free form and not regimented

if you’re gonna go play tennis or golf

or basketball well tennis you might need

to get court time golf you might need to

get a tee time and and basketball you

need to unless your video shoot by

yourself you’re gonna have to go out and

get a bunch of people to play with

entrepreneurship and surfing are

initially a very lone sport you go out

and you have your board in surfing and

you go surf very freeform there’s no

it’s not like skiing where there’s

there’s a certain way they ski down the

mountain no in fact there’s just waves

and you go out on the waves very similar

to entrepreneurship

thirdly it is a fellowship with

unwritten rules the truth is and if you

see a bunch of surfers after surfing for

the day they’re all like buddies you

know male and female both they’re

they’re just good buddies hanging out

similarly you get a bunch of

entrepreneurs together in a room and

start talking about their stories um

same thing happens it’s a bit of a

fellowship and then finally you need to

understand what’s going on underneath

the surface to be the expert surfer who

can look out at the horizon and pick out

the right wave is like the entrepreneur

who can look at a bunch of trends and

fads and pick out the trend that is

going to be long-lasting as opposed to

the short-term fad which is like a wave

that doesn’t ever make it to shore so

the world is full of corporate it’s like

a corporate graveyard of people who act

she didn’t learn how to surf in this era

of surfing now the era of surfing didn’t

exist 30 or 40 years ago yes there was

technology 30 or 40 years ago but it

wasn’t the the dominant intelligence of

our era was not digital intelligence we

have IQ we have EQ and we now have DQ

digital intelligence and there are a lot

of corporate boardrooms full of people

who do not know how to surf which is why

they want to go hire digital natives

which is young Millennials to come and

help them to figure out how to surf

these are a bunch of companies some of

which have gone out of business some of

which are on life support partly because

they got disrupted here’s a guy who

hasn’t been disrupted yet although he

sort of has in some ways having he’s had

a really difficult year but you probably

would you probably would trade places

with him maybe you would I don’t know

Mark Zuckerberg said if we don’t create

the thing that kills em Amazon if it

kills Facebook someone else will so the

idea of disruption isn’t something you

do to someone else

it’s someone you do something you do to

yourself as well um and you don’t have

to do it just with your own I mean look

myself a little bit of water you don’t

have to do it just with your own

internal team you could go by a company

as Facebook did when they bought

Instagram and whatsapp to help make sure

the disruption was happening in house by

actually bringing those technologists

from those companies and their what they

were doing inside Facebook.