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Well the big issue is

the common buzz word is disruption and

this is a word that i’m sure you’ll hear

quite a bit over the next two days

and i have a definition it is not the

only definition but is the one i like to

use and i simply say disruptions

are shifts in the external environment

outside your organization typically

things you cannot control

that have the potential to render your

organizational strategies ineffective

or irrelevant going forward no i don’t

say incompetence

i say irrelevant or ineffective but not


why do i not have incompetent because

oftentimes when i work with leaders

what they say is we’re going to get

better at what we do

when faced with challenges they say

we’re going to go back to basics we’re

going to get better what we do

no one will do what we do better than us

which is a great strategy

if the disruption made you incompetent

but getting better at something that is


i guarantee you the best typewriter

company on the planet the last one they

ever made was the best typewriter this

we’ve ever seen that wasn’t the saving

grace for them

because the solution wasn’t about

competency it was about relevance.