So I’d like to share with you seven

beliefs I have on brand first of all

understand it is your most important

asset that’s your reputation ask your

clients how they perceive your brand do

a lot of research we do so much research

you have no idea after each show certain

disarray we ask our customer what do

they think of our show which act did

they like the most which act they didn’t

like and and we’re able to gather so

much data that were able to change some

content of our shows to make sure that

we are relevant after a few years don’t

sell a product or a service I’m sure

you’ve heard that many times in the last

two days sell a customer experience

that’s what we sell you not only come to

a show you come to an environment that

is a great experience monitor what is

said about your brand on social media

and measure everything you do that’s

quite analytical for a crazy company

like ours but we can afford to be crazy

because we understand what we can be

crazy about and how to how to do it only

associate yourself with best brand

that’s what we did with the Beatles and

that’s what we did with James Cameron

it’s a way to accelerate the reach and

the credibility of your brand and

nurture your brand at all cost

and insted a world when really the

economy is changing the technology is

changing it’s so so important that you

remain relevant there was a guy who was

the CEO of Kodak one day they don’t


I’m sure you know the story but kaduk

had the entire digital technology and

the guy said no I’m not going to use it

because I prefer to print things this

company disappeared for me this is the

ultimate example that if you don’t

remain relevant one day someone will

take over your industry and what will

take over your organization business

development there again you have to be

creative the way you’re building your

business and you never know when you

will meet someone that will bring you a

business opportunity