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Declare your intent that means you let

people not only what you’re doing but

you tell them why you’re doing it always

give the why sometimes people give the

wet but they often don’t give the why

then what the why gives meaning the why

gives context the why can change

everything so here’s what it might look

like you come and you say team here’s

what we’re trying to do here’s why we’re

trying to do it here’s my agenda I don’t

have a hidden agenda I have an open

agenda I’m transparent there’s nothing

to hide I declare it and I declare

myself it is amazing how that builds

trust you know why because it gives

people a new lens through which they

will view your subsequent behavior when

you don’t declare your intent when you

don’t declare it people will still

ascribe intent to you and the best

they’ll be guessing that worse they’ll

be projecting their fears or worst case

scenarios our rule no guessing doing

people guess tell them declare it be

transparent you can build try

successfully fastest way and by the way

when you are on the other side of the

equation when you’re on the other side

as a starting point

assume positive intent assume positive

intent it’s a better starting point.