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El Desafío Numérico De Las Organizaciones – Texto

The number one

challenge that organizations face

according to senior leaders today

is not enough ready now leaders

so let me share a few reasons why

and see if you agree with me

first of all right now we’re having this

massive shift in the labor market

demographic shift generations shifting

and this happens amongst the leaders as


so we have the entire baby boomers

on their way out of the market and

in are all the millennials entering

and somewhere in between we have the

generation x

and by the way do i have a fellow

generation x in here we would be around

50s to 40s late 30s yes

have you noticed how like all these baby

boomers there was so much talk about


and then finally it’s like our turn and

it takes about

two hours of fame and then in marches

the millennials

right so still we are the one doing the


so that’s one big reason another big


why we don’t have enough ready now


is the massive speed of change

so you might have leaders there in place

perhaps they were ready for

yesterday maybe even for today

but are they ready for tomorrow

they say that 40 of the jobs as we know

them today

will be gone within the next decade

so how are we preparing to have our


ready for that


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