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El Mito Del Multitasking – Texto

You know multitasking

is one of the dangerous myths of our


you know we all think we’re so hyper

efficient that we are doing two things

at once and all the modern neuroscience

tells us that in fact

multitasking is a complete modern myth

it’s actually task switching it’s one of

the most stressful things we can do

and it robs us of the ability to

experience life and to be present

trust me i’ve been a culprit for so many


when i stopped for example walking down

the streets of soho where i live

and instead and being on my phone or

texting at the same time and just

started walking

i discovered two things first of all if

you are just walking

everybody else who is walking and

texting or walking and being on the


thinks you are not important enough and

it’s your job

to get out of the way because clearly

if you have the time to just walk you

must be a very insignificant member of

the human race so

i remember literally the first day i was


walking with a friend and noticing a

beautiful building

round the corner from where i live and

saying to my friend this building is

gorgeous when did it go up and she said


so i wonder what else have i been


during all those years of incredibly

quote unquote productive multitasking

and i don’t know if you’re following all

the news about all the accidents

even deaths of people who are walking

and texting

or walking or driving and texting

and this constantly growing explosion

of a totally distracted civilization

and the casualties

are increasingly our children so we have

a responsibility not just for ourselves

but for the generation we are bringing


because children are becoming so

addicted to their phones

that mental health numbers are


especially among teenage girls a 33


increase in depression increasing

anxiety in suicides

so we need to recognize that

while machines and software

need to minimize downtime that’s what we

try to do that’s what we’ve been trying

to do

since the first industrial revolution

now that we’re in the fourth industrial


we need to come to terms with the fact

that the human operating system is


that in the human operating system


is a feature not a bug.

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