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I’m Marcia but I keep Playa but I keep a

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carrier recordar que vamos hacer esto

webinar poor sexy o nays entonces

después de casa con vamos a ver un

espacio para pregunta see respuestas

seat en alguna pregunta on teh las sexy

you meet reliable on dope where escribir

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an ant SSL policy intersection entonces

es una pregunta alguna do de sobre lo

que estoy diciendo no slovenian h @ y yo

cuando terminus a section la revista

entonces vamos a empezar ahora on a

webinar in West Omaha in true harem el

webinar see I’m a negotiation and

persuasion with Kaplan International

what we’re going to cover in this

webinar to begin with it’s just some

basic tips on negotiation and then we

will go through a step by step

negotiation process with an example

where I will be giving you some verbal

language and some phrases some

vocabulary words that you can use in in

this type of situation we will also

cover some social psychology tips that

are based on the theory that can help

you a lot with persuasion we will after

this go through negotiation slang or as

we commonly call it here gun so we will

go through that and we will go through

that and learn some typical things that

are used some commonly words some

commonly use words during a negotiation

process after this we will go through

negotiating with foreigners and we’re

going to focus mainly on Chinese

nationals American nationals and British

nationals and what are the differences

between these cultures and how you talk

to them how you how you how would you

have a better outcome when negotiating

with them and lastly we will be talking

about body language and how this impacts

a good negotiation process so the first

thing we will cover is the negotiation

and some basic tips so to begin with we

need to talk about what is a good

negotiation so a good negotiation means

that neither person nor neither party

involved feels cheated manipulated or

taken advantage of so it means that both

people who feel that the process has

been fair

and that both people have benefited from

the outcome of the negotiation so it

should present two important factors

which are empathy and assertiveness

empathy is simply being able to put

yourself in the other person’s position

so fully understanding where they’re

coming from understanding their criteria

understanding their opinion will give

you a perspective on on what what is it

that they want from the negotiation and

will help you understand it better and

reach an outcome that will suit you or

will benefit you both and the second one

is assertiveness so set numbers on a

sativa is being able to state your point

but not being maybe too passive nor to

aggress if you have to do it in a very

calm and positive way but not showing

yourself to be defensive because it this

can impact your negotiation negatively

so stay tuned your points but very calm

and positive not trying to impose

anything or it sound like you’re being

defensive about your position and now a

bad negotiation there’s five mistakes

that could we could ruin your

negotiation if you especially if you

make more than one we’re gonna go

through them now the first one is to

don’t make any assumptions so you don’t

want to assume anything assume it you

don’t want to assume anything you want

to assume what the other person is

thinking how the other person is going

to react what the other person is going

to say how their business works you

don’t want to assume any of that you

always have to if you’re not sure you

always want to ask questions in and just

make sure that you have the clarity and

the understanding of how the negotiation

is going sometimes we will just think I

think like this so maybe this is how the

other person is going to think and that

can ruin your conversation or could

confuse it because if you’re talking

about something the other person is not

understanding what is it that you are

saying because that’s that was not the

point that they were trying to explain

at the beginning because you assumed

what they were saying you replied


that is not related to what they were

actually saying so don’t make any

assumptions about anything in any

negotiation the second one is don’t rush

so sometimes people try to just rush a

negotiation just try to get a deal just

try to accept or reject something and

this could not end well

negotiations do take time especially if

you want them to go smoothly

and if you rush things it might happen

that both you and the other person might

end up being dissatisfied you might

accept a deal or reject a deal and both

could be about decision either way so

never rush anything take pauses as well

so if somebody is telling you something

or asking you something you don’t have

to rush an answer very fast if you need

some seconds or a minute to think about

it or think about what they’ve proposed

or what questions have asked you just

take a couple of seconds to think about

it this process can also give the other

person some time to get clean

perspective so it’s also going to help

them so don’t rush into anything the

third mistake that people do is that

they take things personally negotiations

are usually a business deal so if the

other person is telling you something

that maybe upsets you or you think where

you feel offended don’t show your

emotions to them because this can be

used against you if a person can see

that your emotions are being affected

they could use that to their advantage

and try to maybe manipulate you try to

if you’re not focused they could end up

telling you this is the best decision

this is the best deal and you might end

up accepting it because you let your

emotions get in the way so don’t take

anything personally it is most of the

time only a business deal anything that

they say it’s mostly just about business

now the fourth mistake is to don’t

accept a bad deal sometimes again

because you’re rushing you just accept

anything you just rush for a settlement

you want to settle for something and you

might accept something that is not

really good for you um or for the other

person but mostly for you so try not to

accept something just because you want

to finish a negotiation there should

always be the option of postponing the

negotiation so finishing at another time

maybe having some time away to talk with

your team with your company think about

it and then come back and there should

also be the option of not accepting a

deal at all

so rejecting everything so know don’t

accept a bad deal because this might not

end up well especially for you but also

for the other person and the last one is

to don’t over negotiate some people tend

to when they’re leaving the negotiation

when they are doing very very well they

tend to take advantage and maybe if

they’re winning and they’re getting

everything they want they will ask for

more and more and more because they

think that they will get it but this

could ruin your chances and the other

person might end up cancelling

everything and say actually we’re not

going to do anything today sorry so you

might affect you might ruin your your

negotiation that was going very well so

don’t take advantage in if you’re in the

position that you are winning and you’re

getting you seem to be getting what

you’re what you want don’t over

negotiate so those are the information

basic information and what makes a good

and about negotiation we’re going to go

now into our next section which is

verbal language but before that we’re

just gonna go I’m gonna check now the

chat box to see if there’s any questions

about the section

so there’s no questions the only

question is somebody’s wondering if they

will be receiving a copy of this

PowerPoint I am Not sure but at the end

I’m sure of somebody from the Caminada

comments you can answer that for you

okay but since there are no more

questions we will go ahead and carry on

with our presentation so now we will be

talking about the verbal language so we

will start with step by step negotiation

process where we will be closing a deal

so ser Addam negotiable we will be using

an example which is we are going to be

purchasing t-shirts from a company they

are $10 each but because we are going to

be purchasing a large amount of them we

want to reduce the price of $10 so

that’s what that’s what the negotiation

is going to be so to start with a good

negotiation start with a positive

attitude so I’ve got an example here of

something you can say it’s our goal

today is to find a solution that suits

both of us so here you’re not saying I

want this I’m coming here to get this

and only this you’re not imposing

anything you’re actually starting very

positive by saying I’m here to find

something that is going to be beneficial

for you and also for me so that’s what

the negotiation is about so that both

parties feel that they have gotten a

fair deal a good deal so it’s a good way

to start your conversations now we’re

going to go the second step would be to

go straight to the point

but be as brief as possible so you want

to say your aim you want to say what you

want what you want to get out of the

negotiation obviously it’s going to be

negotiated with the other person but you

want to say what is that you want

straight to the point and then that will

be the focus of all the conversation you

will have so in our case the the aim or

the goal is to lower the price of

t-shirts when you’re buying a larger

amount so I’ve got two a ways to start

is we’ve got I’m thinking of or I

suggest so for example

thinking of purchasing a large amount of

t-shirts therefore would like to discuss

a reduction in price or I suggest we

discuss the price per t-shirt as I will

not be buying one but a large amount

which might benefit your company so

you’re saying it in a way which makes

you sound I’m thinking of I suggest this

is my idea in your not saying this is

what’s going to happen this is what I

want whether you like it or not you’re

just saying your idea and based on that

then the other prince is gonna reply and

start saying what we can do how we can

get the deal for you that’s also going

to be beneficial for us and in different

ways like that but it’s a good way to

start without sounding that you are

imposing anything on anyone now then the

next step would be the next step would

be to listen to what the other person

has to say it’s important to listen very

carefully in negotiations it happens to

many of us that because English is our

second language we get a little bit

nervous a little bit and we think a

little bit too much about what we want

to say so for example you say something

to a person or you ask them a question

and while they’re talking you’re you can

only focus or you can only think of what

you’re going to say next

so you’re thinking about words you’re

thinking about some things that you can

say next and you tone listen and this

can affect you because when they do

reply or when they say something back it

might be something completely new that

you didn’t listen and when it’s your

time to reply you might be out of

context you might say something that

doesn’t make any sense they might have

asked you a question and you didn’t

realize they were asking you a question

because you were not listening so it’s

very important to listen specially in

English when it’s not it’s not our it’s

not our our first language is our second

language we need to listen and then if

you need some time to process and think

about what you need to say just take a

couple of seconds to think about it you

never have to reply right away now it

would be the first step would be asking

questions you will be now interacting

with the other person asking some

questions asking them questions they

will be asking you things about how they

can make the deal work I’ve got a few

examples here so based on our scenario

you could ask something like hello would

you be willing to go on the price per

t-shirt so you’re going straight to the

point how low are you willing to go what

price sir it’s the lower that you’re

willing to to give us per t-shirt or you

can say how much are you willing to

compromise so compromise means just what

are you willing to give up in order to

get something that you want you can also

be very open with them and say do you

have a suggestion

just ask him if they have any

suggestions any ideas d-rose this also

makes you look like you’re not here to

say everything your way but that you’re

giving them the the space or the option

that they can tell you what do they

suggest they suggest something else

maybe something different you haven’t

thought of so always give them that

chance as well in if you would like it’s

a good way to ask do you have a

suggestion okay so now we’ll go into

making the proposal when you make a

proposal you want to start very subtle

so say something like I believe an

acceptable price would be so this is

saying I believe I think this this could

be a good price that would benefit both

of us and again it’s not imposing

anything it’s not stating your point

very defensively it’s just saying I

believe this could be a good option and

then you just have to hear what the

other person has to say now if the other

person makes a proposal that you’re not

happy with maybe maybe you could change

it or you just don’t you just don’t

agree with it you can say in a very

polite way you can respond by saying how

about if we and then you propose

something different or for example you

do like that proposal but you want to

change some things and you say okay

that’s that’s a good proposal but how

about if we and then you would be

changing a little bit the subject trying

to change a little bit see if you can

propose something different when you

don’t like what they’ve what they’ve

told you now for this area for making a

proposal I’ve got two social types –

social psychology approaches that

work really well in persuasion and you

can use them in this type of example so

I’m going to explain now how so the

first one is called the foot-in-the-door

approach and this this is very common

when for example somebody asks you for a

small failure can you do this for me and

then you you say yes and then when they

ask for a bigger favor you’re likely to

say yes again because if you comply the

first time for something small you’re

likely to comply a second one even

though it’s something bigger so in our

example you would be asking for a small

price reduction and then ask him for a

bigger one so you could say how about if

we get the private t-shirts if we’re

going to buy 100 t-shirts we would like

to reduce the price to $8 per t-shirt

and then the other person the company

might say ok we will do that and then

you say ok now if we buy 200 t-shirts

how about if we reduce the price to $6

per teacher so you’re getting a

significant reduction in the price but

you’re also buying a larger amount but

because they said yes in the first

instance they’re likely to say yes in

the second one even though they’re

reducing it more especially could work

in this case because you’re also buying

a larger amount of t-shirts and the

second approach is called

go big then go small so this is pretty

much the opposite you ask for a big

failure and that’s likely to get

rejected they’re likely to tell you no

but then you ask for a small favor and

they’re likely to say yes so in our

example you would ask for a big price

reduction which is might be rejected and

they’re asked for a smaller one so you

could say we would like to get buy the

t-shirts for $5.00 per t-shirt but then

the other person might say we won’t be

able to do that because that’s reducing

the price 50% and we cannot reduce it

that much I’m sorry and then you go okay

but how about if we reduce them to $7

per t-shirt and the other person is

likely to comply in this case because

they’ve rejected your first offer

because it was very big but now that

because you asked for such a big

reduction at first your second proposed

so which is $7.00 per t-shirt seems a

bit more sensible so they’re likely to

accept that one and that’s how this

approach would work so either approach

would work they also work in other

scenarios we just focus on now in this

one which is trying to get a good deal

out of a negotiation try to persuade

someone so now we will go into ways of

rejecting a proposal so when you don’t

like the proposal they made you can say

I understand your point so you’re saying

I see what you’re coming from I

understand what you’re saying but and

then explain the reasons why maybe you

don’t like very much a proposal or why

maybe it should be changed or adjusted

to something better or in the case that

they make a proposal and you absolutely

are not going to accept it you can say

I’m afraid that is out of the question

and that simply means we’re not going to

negotiate that it’s simply not going to

happen it’s impossible we won’t be

accepting that proposal and you can end

by saying hopefully we can reach a

better agreement and that’s setting

again a positive note it’s telling the

other person we still want to negotiate

we’re still willing to look into

something different if talk about it

again see if we can find something that

can suit both of us so if you–if you’re

rejecting a proposal and you still want

to work with this company or you still

want to negotiate with them this is a

good phrase to say to them hopefully we

can reach a better agreement and now

ways to accept a proposal you could say

simply I think that is fair enough so

that just means I think it’s a fair

process I think we’re both getting a

good deal out of this or you can simply

say I’m happy with this deal so it has

the phrases and you’re just happy with

with what you’ve discussed

you’re happy with the proposal and

you’re accepting it

and lastly concluding so it’s important

especially again when it’s our second

language we want to make sure that

everything that has been discussed we

can write it down we can make a summary

at the end just to make sure we’re both

the same page we didn’t miss anything we

both write down what we agreed on and

what what the deal was in the end so you

can say shall we some optimum points or

shall we go over the points we just

agreed on and then you can start

discussing what the main points we’re

what the accepted proposal was with the

accepted deal was and how you’re going

to carry on your business forward okay

so this was the section for a verbal

language and now we’re going to go into

the next section which is negotiation


whoa we’ll have a look first and see if

we have any other questions so let’s see

if I have an objective how can I pursuit

it during a negotiation so when you have

an objective you have clear what you

want again like I said at the beginning

you want to always state your point and

say exactly what you want but most

likely in a good negotiation you’re not

going to get exactly what you want

because the other person has to benefit

from it as well so always state your

point say exactly what you want because

that can become the focus of the whole

conversation and then the person is

going to respond to your query or your

needs in that way but always say it very

clearly just don’t expect it to be

exactly how how you want it to be

because you always have to remember that

a fair or a good negotiation is going to

depend on the other person being

benefited by it as well okay so how much

time this session will be taking it

should be an hour so it should be until

a 11:30 in the morning and more or less

we should be finishing him okay so I

think those were the two questions I

don’t think there are any more questions

so we’re gonna carry on now

then with the conversate with the

webinar so we’re going now into

negotiations lang

so negotiations lang or here again these

are words that you don’t have to use

they are not going to make your

any better they’re not going to make you

win they’re not going to benefit you or

anything special like that we just saw

that it would be important to include it

because it is very commonly used in

business specialty negotiations so if

you ever come across these phrases

somebody tells you these phrases then

you can you can already know that the

meaning instead of having to ask what do

you mean so it’s just a basic knowledge

you can use them as well it but it’s

just not necessary to make your

negotiation better

the first negotiations language we’ll

talk about is get the ball rolling this

simply means to start so for example you

can say okay we’re ready to start our

negotiation so let’s get the ball

rolling the second one is crunch numbers

to crunch numbers means to analyze large

amounts of numerical data so you sit in

a sentence you can say have been

crunching the numbers all night or I’ve

been crunching the numbers for hours and

I still don’t see how this is going to

make us a profit or I still don’t see

how this is going to benefit my company

so crunching numbers analyzing large

amounts of numerical data the third one

is out of the question so we use this

one earlier when we were rejecting a

proposal if you say something is out of

the question it means that it’s not

going to happen it’s not going to be

thought about it’s not going to be

negotiated so you’re gonna have to think

about something different and your

proposal a new idea because that one is

out of the question

the next one is to sweeten the deal so

this simply means to make the deal a

little bit more attractive so for

examples to use it in a sentence you can

say in our in our scenario that we were

using before in the closing the deal

section the other person could tell you

listen I’m really sorry we won’t be able

to lower the price so much we can only

lower it to $8 per t-shirt however to

sweeten the deal we can offer you free

delivery on your t-shirts so it’s just

making the deal a little bit more

attractive that’s what the phrase means

the next one is to twist one’s arm this

simply means to persuade someone so to

use it in a sentence

it could be using different ways but an

example could be I didn’t want to reduce

the price to $6 $6 per t-shirt but he

twisted my arm into it so I ended up

reducing the price or you could say

they’re very they’re being very

difficult with reducing the price so I’m

going to have to twist their arm in

order to get a good reduction in the

price so it just means persuading

changing someone’s mind the next one is

to take it or leave it so this is simply

either you accept or you reject the

proposal so if somebody gives you a

proposal and says take it or leave it

then you have the option of either

accepting what they just told you or

simply there’s no deal so it’s not gonna

be negotiated anymore it’s not going to

be discussed anymore

you either accept it or you’re rejected

entirely and the last one is to drive a

hard bargain so a person that drives a

hard bargain is a person that is tough

to negotiate with they’re being a little

bit difficult and maybe it’s it’s it’s

not baby it’s not been very easy to

reach or to settle in an agreement with

them so they could say this person we

were really not being able to reach an

agreement they were asking me lots of

things they were rejecting all of my

proposal so that person drives a hard

bargain so they’re they’re a little bit

difficult to negotiate with or it can

also be used in a positive way you could

say I drove a hard bargain because I was

able to get the t-shirts for six dollars

each so you did a really good job it’s

also for people that are so persistent

so I guess more persistence that they do

get the outcome that they want so they

drive a hard bargain because they get

they win they get what they want now

we’re going to go into negotiating with

foreigners we will again make a pause

and see if there are any questions about

these this section so yes somebody’s

asking about the meaning of crunch

numbers so crunch numbers is to analyze

a large amount of numerical data so


you have a lot of information in Excel a

lot of numbers a lot of equations that

you need to analyze to see maybe if the

proposal that they’re making is going to

benefit you or not so analyzing a large

amount of data so the example again is

in I’ve been crunching the numbers for

hours I’ve been crunching the numbers

all night and I still cannot understand

him how how is going to benefit us or

you could say I’ve been crunching the

numbers for hours and I can see now why

this is going to help our company so

it’s it just it just means analyzing the

numbers so sweet sweeten the deal

sweeten the deal means to make a nut may

can attract misery make an offer or a

proposal more attractive so the example

that I used was in in our scenario about

closing the deal the company might tell

you we won’t be able to lower the price

so much we can only give you a price

reduction to six dollars per t-shirt or

$8 per t-shirt however to sweeten the

deal so to make the deal more attractive

for you or better for you we will offer

you free delivery so it’s giving you

something else it’s making that the

proposal sound a little bit better so

even though they cannot give you what

you want which is a reduction in price

then you can still get something good

which is the free delivery okay so can I

use this land shark my pencil I’m not

exactly sure of what what that means to

be honest I know I’ve not used ups long

before and so I would have to first find

out what it means and how it can be used

and if I if it can be used in

negotiations so I’m sorry I cannot

answer that one exactly if there’s any

more questions okay so we’ll just go

ahead and continue with our presentation

so now we’re going to go into

negotiating with foreigners so the first

or nationality we’re going to talk about

is Chinese nationals so the first step

in negotiating with Chinese nationals is

to learn basic dialect phrase

so if you learn if you first find out

what dialects the person you are going

to be doing business with what dialect

they speak and you’ll learn a few

phrases maybe a few greetings or a few

simple sentences it doesn’t have to be

anything very complicated they don’t

expect you to negotiate in their dialect

it’s going to be in English but if you

learn a few phrases they see that as a

sign of respect so they will like it so

maybe learn a couple of things if you’re

meeting with Chinese nationalism first

find out which dialect I speak could

become too nice or if they speak

Mandarin or any other the second tip is

to have absolute clarity about the

product so Chinese nationals don’t like

any ambiguity they don’t like any

confusion don’t cover anything up for

them give them all the information as

clear as you can as complete as you can

show them that you know very well the

product or the market or that

competitors just make sure that you have

all the information if you’re not going

to give it to them at least make sure

you have the information written down in

case they to ask you because they do

like to be very informed so never cover

anything up never hide anything from

them the third tip is to consider

inviting them to your company they

really like this Chinese nationals will

come to visit you of course it would

have to be all expenses paid you would

have to pay for their trip but if you

can’t afford the isten and you’re able

to invite them because they will like

this they will they will enjoy it they

will most likely accept your invitation

and the fourth tip is to avoid limiting

to only virtual meetings so even though

they’re very common nowadays it seems a

lot easier even young business even

young Chinese business men and women

still prefer to meet face to face so as

much as you can try to meet them in

person so go to their company or invite

them to your company of course if you’re

unable to then you will have to do it

virtually but if you can they prefer

very much to see you in person now we’re

going to go into negotiating with

American nationals now American business

people will want to know all the details

and benefits or your phobia

as well so very similar to the Chinese

they want all the information about the

product the market the competitors they

want to make sure you know everything

that you’re getting into and they want

to know the information because if

you’re going to make business with them

they want to make sure everything is put

on the table so don’t cover anything up

don’t hide anything from them the second

tip is to never be late punctuality is

very important if they say a meeting

starts at one o’clock in the afternoon

if you show up five minutes later it

would have already started and if that

sounds that looks very unprofessional to

any meeting really but specifically with

Americans if you want your negotiation

to start well before even speaking you

want to show up early earlier than the

time that they tell you to the third tip

is to always refer to them by their

preferred title so Americans when they

get a higher degree for example a

doctorate or a PhD they like to put

doctor before their name and they will

like to be called this way so make sure

you find out first the person you’re

going to be speaking with or doing

business with make sure you find out

what their title is because you don’t

want to get it wrong

if you come if you approach someone and

you call them mr. mr. Smith but actually

they are a doctor they will correct you

and they will ask you to please call

them doctor right there in that moment

and that could be a little bit

embarrassing because it shows that you

don’t know this person you don’t even

know what title they have so make sure

you always research what’s the title

because if you don’t they will correct

you and it could be embarrassing and the

fourth one is that Americans like new

opportunities and are not afraid of


so if you have a different idea a

different purpose so something that

maybe they have never done before

don’t be afraid to mention it the worst

thing that can happen is that they say

no but they will be open to hearing your

idea they will find it interesting so

don’t be afraid of new opportunities and

talking about change with with an

American national so now we’re going to

go into negotiating with British


now British nationals

very similar to Americans and I believe

to most people in which control ET is

very important for them so again never

show up late or not even a minute late

to any meetings with British nationals

they are also very common discrete

people so you never want to enter a room

with maybe a loud voice or maybe you’re

overexcited or you start or maybe

laughing so try to be very calm very

discrete like them don’t show on an

extravagant attitude with them

especially at the beginning you don’t

say any jokes or anything like that

maintain your distance don’t give them a

hug maybe a handshake you don’t want to

get too close to them or anything like

that they’re very they like to keep

their space and they’re very common

discreet so don’t don’t try to make a

louder voice or anything like that

the third tip is that they’d like to

exchange information so don’t be

surprised if they ask you about a

delicate topic so this happens to me a

lot in a personal level I’m always asked

about how drugs are in Colombia how

powerless Kovar is in Colombia and at

the beginning I’d found this a bit

offensive because I thought these people

only think about drugs when they think

of Colombia but now I’ve learned that

they’re actually just want to be

informed and what a better way to learn

that from a Colombian national so they

tend to be like that they just ask

things and really they just want to be

informed so in business terms they could

ask you about some financial financial

information about your company or they

could ask you about if your company was

involved in such deals and the thing is

you don’t have to answer their questions

if you find it a bit you know you

shouldn’t be talking about that with

them at this point or maybe that’s

confidential or maybe you just don’t

want to talk about it you can say I’m

not ready to discuss that right now but

the point is to not be offended not be

surprised if they ask you about a

delicate topic about your company

because they just want to be informed

they just want to know everything before

they get into business with you so be

aware of that and the last one is to

never joke about British politics the

monarchy so never make any jokes about

the fact that there is a queen there

Prince Prince says they don’t like they

see that as something they’re proud of

it so they they won’t find it funny if

you make any jokes about that or their

religion or their relationship with

other countries so it’s pretty much

don’t make any jokes about their culture

or themselves okay so we will finish now

with body language but before we will

check now if there are any questions

from this last topic oh so so the person

that asked the question before it can

you sharpen your pencils and I enter

indirect way to ask if price can be

reduced okay so I’m learning something

new so I I believe it if that’s if

that’s what it means then you could you

could use it in that case and again I’ve

not heard the term itself so I cannot

really confirm in this answer but it

sounds like it could be it could be it

could be away there’s many ways there’s

many there’s a lot of slang you can use

in negotiation which is completely

acceptable we just went through a few

ones in this one unfortunately was not

in the list so I’m sorry I’m not really

confident in replying or in answering

your question him but it seems that if

that if that’s what it means and you

could you could ask it in that matter

okay so if there is no questions about

negotiating away from nationals and

we’ll go ahead and finish our webinar

with the body language so body language

to start with you always want to do any

negotiations in person try to avoid

doing them over emails or over telephone

you always want to be there it’s always

going to impact it in a very more

positive way you also want to maintain

angkot eye contact with the person keep

a natural smile this will make you look

more confident and more believable if

you seem too nervous or if you’re sad or

angry or if you were just not smiling at

all or you’re looking at the ground or

you’re you’re talking like this this is

going to make the other person feel that

maybe you’re lying you’re not confident

you know you don’t really know what

you’re saying

and you’re confused because you’re

looking at the floor you’re not

you’re not competent enough to look them

in the eye so try to maintain eye

contact and also use hand gestures when

emphasizing important points so you

don’t want to use hand gestures all the

time because you do play this it could

be a bit a very big it could be very

confusing for the other person they

might lose concentration so don’t use

your hands all the time only to

emphasize important points or maybe to

count or or just important points in

general the next one is to drone cross

your arm so you don’t want to sit like

this like the gentleman in the picture

it’s a it’s telling a message to the

other person that you are overprotective

about what they’re going to say or

you’re close to listening what they’re

saying so don’t cross your arms which

try to keep them by your sides or in the

table or maybe like this just at the

bottom so when you’re sat down try not

to cross them and the last tips is just

shifting your head and neck forward this

will demonstrate that you’re engaged and

that you are trustworthy and to always

have your whole body face the person so

the difference would be eat to lay back

maybe cross your arms and look the other

way this doesn’t look really good it

just hopes that you’re not interested

right maybe if your faith in the other

way but you’re looking at the person it

still shows that you’re not fully

engaged so maybe try to always face make

your whole body face the other person

and shift your head and neck

forward shows that you’re engaged you’re

listening and you’re interested you

might the other person has to say if

you’re if you’re sitting like this it

could seem that you’re bored and you’re

not interested in being there so it

could affect the mood of the negotiation

okay so closing with those two tips we

have now finished this informational

part of our webinar we will now go

through our last section of questions if

anything ask any other question from any

other topic and anything else you would

like to ask

okay so it seems dress code according to

nationalities so I would say always

dress in up in a professional manner so

maybe if you are a man dress in trousers

as a shirt and a suit jacket maybe with

a tie as well to make it look more

professional or or if or if it seems a

little bit more informal just trousers

or pants and shirts very well ironed

shirt if you’re a woman you can wear a

dress but it has to be below your knees

nothing that is too revealing at the top

so maybe with some sleeves or or an or

light jacket if you need to or it for

your one you can also wear pants and a

shirt and a jacket so I think the dress

code it doesn’t really matter which

nationality it is when it is in terms of

the business meeting you always want to

show yourself to be very professional so

you want you don’t want to depending on

put it whichever nationality you always

want to make yourself look very

professional so a basic dress code for

any business meeting you ever attend I

think it will be the same okay so is

there any more questions about any topic

that we just went through okay okay so

if there are no more questions then I’m

going to finish this webinar by mostly

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