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Look i think

in terms of driving change from

centralized to decentralized

you you have to both change your

the processes around the company but you

also have to change your mind

you know i think when you’re a leader

and most change has both of those

uh going on at the same time so i think

when you when it comes to

how do you change it from a process

standpoint you simply empty out


you localize capability you localize


you delegate decision making and that’s


you kind of begin the change but i think

as a leader you have to change how you

spend your time

you can’t spend as much time in

headquarters you have to change the way

you think about

risk you have to be able willing to put

risk and

capability in the field so i think you

you have to not only change

all the things around you but you also

have to change the way

your own mind is wired in order to make

that kind of that kind of disruption and


yeah so what i would say is uh from


everything looks risky right when when

you’re in headquarters

and you’re trying to do a power project

in nigeria

every opportunity looks small and every

decision looks risky

when you actually transport yourself to


and you realize that the country has a

40 gigawatt deficit of electricity

they’re surrounded by natural gas

nothing looks risky

so it’s a combination of really being

able to

see things for yourself don’t don’t

follow the conventional wisdom

and see things on your own terms