These top five technologies will shape

the next 100 years these are not just

words and I’ve had the privilege of

being working with governments and

private industry on the leading edge of

every single one of these technologies

and I’ll break down some of them for you


nano technologies the manipulation of

matter at the atomic level the only

difference between steak sawdust is the

atomic structure we are learning to

manipulate atoms we are learning to

understand and if we can understand that

guess what happens where disease begins

is not just at the DNA level but at the

atomic level yeah and this is a very

exciting I was the first private-sector

advisor the US government on nanoscience

and nanoengineering I was very proud to

help sell that when we really didn’t

know what we were doing okay just so you

know it was an experiment we were

exploring it was a leap IT is all about

information technology what’s going to

happen next

that’s exciting is artificial

intelligence machine intelligence

robotics drones next-generation Internet

the internet will be transformed by a

layer of artificial intelligence it will

get to know you the intuitive computing

network is going to emerge new kinds of

computers that get to speak and walk and

engage us that’s all about what’s next

for IT neuroscience and life sciences

are really merging we’re going to learn

to enhance our brains to offset disease

but also do something else how many

people would like to enhance our

intelligence yeah look at a document

once and remember it how would you like

to have raise your IQ through cognitive

enhancement would you like that how many

people would like that show hands yeah

maybe men would start listening better

do you think that that’s possible

escuche see not sure

so we’re building a next generation of

technology based on neural technology

what’s next for IT what’s next for Life

Sciences which will extend our life are

you ready to live an extra 20 to 30

years with a vitality for 20 year old

yeah that’s what we’re going and then

finally quantum technology quantum

technology is all about what if regular

computers are zeros and ones there

they’re very linear you know very linear

very rudimentary yeah

quantum computers or the manipulation of

time and space you ready for that could

we create time travel yeah we think but

theoretically the problem is you can

only go one way now I’m going to give

you a concept right now right now I’m

going to disrupt you you ready I’m gonna

disrupt you I’m gonna give you a concept

you’ve never heard before all right I

made it up just for you see all right

that’s very dot city cloud

we made it be able to use quantum

computers and what I’ve seen in the lab

there’s a couple d-wave it’s currently

developing them with Google and IBM has

their own versions but let me just say

we may here’s the disruptive part wait

for it wait for it ready we may be able

to use technology so that we can

collapse time are you ready to collapse

time what a concept

collapse time I’m telling you we’re at

the edge of a revolution and some of the

technologies are so radical that we

ourselves are trying to figure them out

robotics but extreme future of hacking

life systems hacking matter

hacking even the planet do we need to

deal with climate change in our lifetime

rapid climate change could we use these

technologies to be able to better manage

or what we call Geoengineer the planet

you know we could we could also use

these technologies to feed the planet

we’ve got about a billion and a half

people who are undernourished don’t have

access to food we throw away and waste

half the food we make on the planet

we will resolve this in this decade

we’ve got another billion and a half

people don’t have proper health care we

will result you’ll have distributed

cloud based artificial intelligence that

will provide health care for the entire

planet in our lifetime you ready for

this world where we’re going the future

of business of course is this global

connected economy the question is not is

it going to be connected yes it is what

are you gonna do with it what new

business services are you Internet of

Things ready are you artificial

intelligence ready