So i’m supposed to talk about

the fact that we are in the middle of a


and that there is an exponential change

happening but before i can do that

we need to talk about golf now

fortunately golf

season is almost over and golf is the

worst spectator sport in the world and

there are two reasons for this

the first reason is that nothing good

ever happens and the second reason is

that if something good

does happen you’re not allowed to wildly

and raucously applaud you have to do

that stupid little golf applause right

so just to get us started early in the

morning give me the worst

measliest most anemic golf applause you

can muster please

that was terrible thank you can you

double it

double it again and one more time

beautiful thank you so that’s not about

my ego that’s about

what we do for a living what you do for

a living

what you do is you find small

little bits of interest disconnected

small bits of interest and somehow

connect them

and amplify them and multiply them in

the service of the people you are

seeking to change

that what we do if we’re trying to make


if we’re trying to grow things is we do


that matters for people who care

and that’s what i came to talk about

work that matters for people

who care that many of us go to work

every day and we feel like we are behind

the eight ball

that things aren’t working the way we

want to so what we do

is we pedal faster that the

opportunity to make a difference is to

do what we did yesterday but faster and

faster and faster so here’s actual


from a bike race in italy this guy’s in

last place

and he realizes that the pedaling faster

isn’t going to be the answer

and that maybe there’s a different way


and that if we could see if we could

just see

that there’s a different way to make a


that’s where the exponential growth

might come from

so when someone says to you what is it

that you do what is it that you make

the answer isn’t widgets or some

insurance policy the answer

is that you make stories

that you make a difference and that most

of all

what you do is you make change happen.