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If we’re going to make this work if

business is going to win the respect of

societies and if we’re going to deal

with all these societal problems we’re

gonna have to link society with core

business strategy we can’t just have a

little recycling program and think that

we’ve done anything that is that doesn’t

matter it’s not powerful we’ve got to

connect our core of what we do as a

business with this whole new dimension

of societal problems and the need for

societal impact and in order to do that

I think that the sort of animating idea

the great possibility that we now have

is is is we named in an article in 2011

the concept of shared value how can

create we create social benefit and

business benefit at the same time

because if we can do that we have enorus

power in business we have the most

resources we have tremendous

capabilities in business but how can we

make business powerful in affecting all

the social issues that we face and

you’re hear from a lot of different

communities around the world and the

social issues are different in every

community but the question is what’s our

job and how can we regain the confidence

in business as a good thing for society

and how can we regain our legitimacy and

how can we regain the acceptance of